Freaky Frankie Nails

frankie4Halloween will soon be here and maybe you are going trick-or-treating or to a Halloween costume party but maybe you think you are too old for dress up. Personally, I think you are never to old to dress up on Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. Another way to acknowledge Halloween without actually dressing up is by dressing up your nails. Here is a cute and easy nail art idea, inspired by, to help you get into the Halloween spirit.


  1. Apply two coats of white, off-white or flesh colored nail polish (we used SpaRitual in Breathless). Make sure to let nails dry between coats.
  2. frankie1

  3. Apply two coats of green nail polish on an angle (we used Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Kelp Out). We did ours free hand as it doesn’t have to be that straight but if you wish, tape your nails on an angle before painting the green.
  4. frankie3

  5. Let dry.
  6. Using black nail polish with a thin brush (We used L.A. Girl in black) or a black nail art pen, drawn a line between the green and the white polish then and add short lines going perpendicular to the black line for stitch marks.
  7. Let Dry
  8. Apply a thin top coat and let dry.

Let us know how they turned out by posting an Instagram or Facebook pic and tagging #ggcmagazine. Or post a comment here and tell us how freaky and funky your nails look, then show them off to all your friends.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Frankie Nails”

  1. Oh, it’s a pretty simple way to decorate your feet. I think everyone can do it. I really liked the nails here But this can only be done by a professional.

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