Fortune Cookie Craft

by Guest Crafter Mara E.

fortune7As a volunteer at my local hospital, one of my jobs is to make “tray favors” for the patients’ meal trays to brighten their day while in the hospital. The coordinator said that the favorite tray favor we bring is a large felt Fortune Cookie that is filled with Hershey Kisses and an inspirational message. This same craft can be used for many occasions such as teacher’s gifts, Father’s Day presents, party invitations, birthday presents and favors. It is an easy, fun craft that everyone loves to receive.

You will need:fortune1fortune2fortune3

  • Felt (pick a color to go with your theme)
  • Bowl (for tracing)
  • Pen
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (may require parental help)
  • Paper for message
  • Candy or some other small surprise
  • “Chinese Take-Out” Box (Optional, found in the gift wrap section of craft stores or at dollar store)



  1. Flip bowl upside down on to the felt and trace the rim
  2. fortune6

  3. Cut the circle out of the felt.
  4. fortune10

  5. Cut pipe cleaner to length of the diameter of the circle
  6. fortune9

  7. Hot glue onto the center of the circle and wait until it hardens
  8. Meanwhile, hand-write or type a message. You can create your own message or find quotes online.
  9. Bend pipe cleaner in half then fold felt back over pipe cleaner to make a fortune cookie shape
  10. Place candy and message in the center.
  11. Hot glue a small dot at the middle edge of the cookie to seal.
  12. (Optional) Place completed fortune cookie(s) in take-out box (you can include a gift card or other small gift with it) and deliver


Write in the comments to tell us how yours turned out and what you are going to give your teacher on the last day of school.


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