Five Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

by: Kenna W.

Do you always have trouble agreeing on a movie to watch? Well this could hopefully resolve your problem. The following are my top five favourite movies, which I think you might like. If you haven’t seen them you should not miss them. If you have, watch them again. I have!

My fifth favourite movie of all time is “Now You See Me”. This movie is about four magicians called The Four Horsemen, who use their magic shows to pull of a bunch of robberies. I like this movie because it is mysterious and unpredictable. My favourite scene is the bank robbery scene.

My fourth favourite movie is “The Incredibles 2”. This is a Pixar animated movie about a family with superpowers that try to make using superpowers legal again, but face some conflicts with a mysterious person who doesn’t want using super powers legal. I like this movie because it is interesting and is humorous. My favourite scene is the scene where they are at a restaurant and water comes out of Violet’s nose. P.S. The first movie “The Incredibles” is really good too and you should watch it before you watch #2 as the second picks up exactly where the first one left off. Make it a double feature!

My third favourite movie is “Ant Man”. This movie is about a guy named Scott Lang who just got out of jail after two years. He is taken in by Hank and Hope who give him a suit that makes him small so that he can stop the bad guy, Darren Cross, from causing destruction. My favourite scene is when Scott and Darren are both small and are fighting inside a suitcase.

My second favourite movie is “The Greatest Showman”. This movie is a fantastic musical about a man who was not treated well his whole life. He is living poor with his family so he decides to start a show of outcasts where they sing and dance and show off their talents. They have a lot of protesters and up and downs, but that doesn’t stop them. My favourite scene from this movie is when the character Jenny Lind sings “Never Enough”.

My favourite movie of all time is “The Princess Bride”. This movie isn’t what it sounds like. It isn’t about princesses. It is about a young boy who is sick and his grandfather comes to read him a book. The book is about a girl named Buttercup, who lives on a farm and is in love with the farm boy who works there named Westley. Westley has no money for marriage so he packs his few belongings and leaves the farm to seek his fortune across the sea but his ship is attacked by The Dread Pirate Roberts. When Buttercup gets the news she is devastated. Five years later the prince choses her to be his bride but she does not love him. One day when she was riding her horse a short man, a giant and a Spaniard kidnap her and take her across the sea. During her rescue there are sword fights, hand to hand combat, battles of wits, miracles, and the magic of true love. My favourite scene from this movie is where Buttercup pushes the man in the mask down the hill. Explaining more would spoil the rest of the movie.

Have fun watching these favourites of mine. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Write in the comments section and let me know what your favourite movie is.


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