Fairy Wings by E.D. Baker

Fairy Wings by E.D. BakerAbout the Book
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Tamisin has always been a little weird. Her freckles actually look more like sparkles and occasionally, she likes to dance under the full moon. Then one day, wings sprout from her back, and Tamisin learns that her parents adopted her from fairyland. Inspired by¬†A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this fairy tale will delight fans of The Tales of the Frog Princess and new readers alike.

GBC Review by Sofia S.

Fairy Wings is a wonderful book about a girl who is half human, half fairy. Tasimin and Jak are beautifully crafted characters and tell a Tale of the danger of getting to the land of fey. I would recommend this book for all girls under 12 because the action and fairy tale limits to that age. Personally, I loved this book and have read it over ten times!


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  1. I read it 2 times. I thought it was a good book because the author was really able to put an image in your mind of what’s happening. It let you visualize.

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