Easy Crown Braid

This easy crown braid is a style I know well from my daughter’s theatre group. I have done this style many times to keep all their hair under the wigs. With this particular style we will be pancaking and then pinning the braids across the top of the head, headband style. This style works best on long hair and is great for second day washed hair.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 2 clear elastics
  • bobby pins
  • Brush


  1. Brush hair back from face and part in the middle.
  2. Braid each side of hair out to the side starting by the ears and secure with a clear elastic.
  3. Pull the pieces of both braids (pancake) to make the braids bigger and wider.
  4. Wrap one side of the braid toward the top of the head and bobby pin it in the crown of the head (in the same place you would wear a headband)
  5. Wrap the other side of the braid toward the top of the head to meet the first braid and cover the end of the first braid.
  6. Tuck the end of the second braid under the first and pin the second braid in place.
  7. You can always decorate your crown braid with flowers or bows, or for Halloween, some plastic spiders 🙂


Write a comment below to tell us how this style worked for you and where you wore it. Also let us know your tips and tricks for how you made it your own and what worked for you! We love to hear about your personal style creativity.


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