DIY Lip Gloss

lipgloss5I was so happy with the way last months Lip Scrub turned out that I decided to try to make lip gloss to keep with the hydrated lips theme. The two crafts together make for a wonderful grown up loot bag gift or as it so happens that this month is Mother’s DAY.. a perfect Mother’s Day gift!! This lip gloss has only two ingredients and is simple and inexpensive to make. This DIY idea was inspired by

lipgloss1You will need:

  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Kool-Aid Singles in Cherry flavor
  • Small microwave safe bowl
  • Small screw top containers


  1. Scoop approximately 2 spoonfuls of petroleum jelly into a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Warm in the microwave till fully melted with no lumps. I used 3 x 45 second intervals, stirring between. After the 3rd interval stir until all lumps are gone. BE CAREFUL THE BOWL GETS HOT.
  3. Add in one packet of Kool-Aid singles and stir till disolved. This will tint the lip gloss and make it taste yummy.
  4. Pour into air tight containers
  5. NOTE: I tried using 2 packets but this did not make the color darker it only made the gloss more grainy. I also tried using Grape flavored Kool-Aid but this did not mix well at all (not sure why) so avoid Grape flavor.



Here I tied the Lip Gloss and the Lip Scrub together with a pretty ribbon to give to my Mom for Mother’s day.

Write in the comments to tell us how yours turned out, what colors you used and your tips and tricks.


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