Doughnut Hand Warmers

As the weather turns colder, we thought about a fun way to warm your hands. These scrumptious looking doughnuts can be put in the microwave and heated up just before you slip them in your pockets. Your hands stay toasty warm when you go outside. If you are planning on using this as a hand warmer do not use glue in place of the stitches as microwaving will melt the glue. If you are making it just for show, feel free to use hot glue to secure the icing to the top. This craft was inspired by Fashion Girls on

You will need:

  • 1 dress sock (no short socks)
  • 1 square of felt or fleece
  • thread same colour as felt/fleece
  • different colour thread or permanent markers
  • approx 1/2 cup of uncooked rice
  • scissors
  • Pen/marker

  1. Cut toe off sock.
  2. Turn sock inside out.
  3. Fold cut end of sock up two inches (5cm).
  4. Fill fold of sock with rice until desired round shape of doughnut. We used a spoon to scoop rice into sock.
  5. Thread needle, and sew around outside edge of cut end of sock to the inside part of sock to seal in the rice. Use small stitches so rice will not escape.
  6. Before pulling the stitches tight and knotting, place 2 fingers in the bottom “doughnut hole” to make sure you have enough room to roll it.
  7. Roll the top of sock over the rice-filled portion to cover stitches. Do not worry if the heal of sock sticks out at this point.
  8. Pull top of sock through the doughnut hole, then over the doughnut again.
  9. Repeat until end of sock (this depends on how long your sock is)
  10. Sew around top of sock using medium stitches to secure to in place.
  11. For the “frosting”, place felt/fleece under the doughnut and trace the outside of the doughnut and the hole onto the felt/fleece with pen or marker.
  12. Remove doughnut and create frosting “drips” in a random pattern off of the traced line with the pen/marker.
  13. Cut out frosting with scissors, don’t forget the hole in the middle! Turn “frosting” over so the marker outline is on the bottom.
  14. Optional: For the Sprinkles, sew random small lines on top of “frosting” making sure the knots and rough sewing is on the same side as the pen/marker marks. Or draw small random lines on “frosting” with different permanent markers to look like sprinkles.
  15. Sew the “icing” onto the doughnut making sure to cover the sewed top with the icing.
  16. Start again at the beginning to make a second one for the other hand. Or just trade the one hand warmer back and forth between pockets.

Write in the comments to tell us how yours turned out and leave your tips and tricks. Or post a pic to instagram and tag #ggcmagazine.


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