Do You Know The Lingo?

Written by Kerry & Stacy of Socially Safe Social Media

knowthelingoWith only 140 characters on Twitter it seems we have grown to be a world of abbreviations but do you know what they mean? We’ve put together a glossary of terms that teens/tweens are using on social platforms to help you “Know The Lingo”.

NE14KfC ~ Anyone for KFC
ICYMI ~ In Case You Missed It
ISH ~ Insert Sarcasm Here
IDK ~ I Don’t Know
FB ~ Facebook
KK ~ kewl kewl (cool cool)
143 ~ I love You
DKY ~ Did You Know
SHLD ~ Should
TBT ~Throw Back Thursday
DA ~ The
TFTF ~ Thanks For The Follow
DSTR8 ~ Damn Straight
TMB ~ Tweet me back
WOZ ~ Was
MCM ~ Man Candy Monday or Man Crush Monday
PTL ~ Praise The Lord
WTV ~ Whatever
WCW ~ Women Crush Wednesday
TOY ~ Thinking of You
OH ~ Overheard
YOLO ~ You Only Live Once
SMH ~So Much Hate or Shaking My Head
BTW ~ By The Way
BAE ~ Baby, Babe, or Before Anyone Else
SOMY~ Sick Of Me Yet
PAW ~ Parents Are Watching
NP ~ Nosy Parents
MT ~ Modified Tweet
A/S/L ~ Age/Sex/Location
DM ~ Direct Message
Beetweet ~ “hot” tweet or trending tweet
BullTwit ~ Fake, False Tweet
Twabe ~ Dear or Sweetheart describing young women
QT ~ Cutie
LMIRL ~ Let’s Meet In Real Life
POS ~ Parents Over Shoulder
WTGP? ~ Want To Go Private

So how many did you know? Have others, share them in the comment section so we can all learn together.


2 thoughts on “Do You Know The Lingo?”

  1. Thank you for this article. It was very helpful and I’m happy to say I did know some but not many : (. Wow things have changed indeed

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