DIY Straw Knitted Scarfs

scarf5As discussed on this month’s Style Club post, its scarf season!! So for all you crafty girls out there here is a tutorial for “knitting” your own scarf using straws. It’s so easy, give it a try. You can do it while listening to music or watching TV.

You will need: scarf

  • Yarn (we used 2 different colors)
  • 4 Milk Shake Straws (also called bubble tea straws)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  1. Cut a long piece of yarn DOUBLE the length that you want your scarf or knitted item. We used a thick white yarn. This yarn will only show on the fringed ends of your scarf.
  2. scarf2

  3. Fold yarn in half and feed through the straw till end comes out the top. If you have thinner yarn you can suck the yarn up the straw, if you have thicker yarn like we did, you have to push it up with a smaller straw or knitting needle or something long and skinny.
  4. scarf6

  5. Tape the yarn to the top of the straw and make sure it holds.
  6. scarf3

  7. Repeat steps 1-3 for all 4 straws. You can use more or less straws depending on how wide you want your knitted item to be.
  8. scarf4

  9. Take your other yarn and tie it to one of the outside straws at the bottom. This yarn will make up your scarf. We used a thick and soft multi-colored yarn so the colors changed by themselves, but you can use different colors by cutting and tying them together.
  10. Hold the straws fanned out in one hand and weave your scarf yarn in and out and around the last straw and back again all the way up the straws.
  11. When you get to the top of the straws, push the woven yarn down off the straws onto the fringe yarn and continue weaving.
  12. Continue doing this until your scarf is a “straws length” from the bottom of the fringe yarn.
  13. Tie the end of the yarn to the last string.
  14. At the bottom of the scarf, tie the 2nd and 3rd fringe pieces together into a knot. Tie the 4th and 5th pieces together, tie the 6th and 7th pieces together. Leave the first and last pieces.
  15. At the top of the scarf, release the fringe yarn from the straws by removing the tape and sliding the straws up and off. Cut the double yarns so that your have 8 singles and knot as above.
  16. Voila! a hand made scarf that is worthy of Christmas gift giving.

You can also make shorter ones to make headband ear warmers or thinner ones for belts. For more ways to wear your new scarf check out this month’s Style Club article 11 Savvy Scarf Styles.


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