DIY Barefoot Sandals

barefoot9In the heat of the summer who wants to wear shoes? Not me. But how do you accessorize your sweet swim suit cover up? Here’s a pretty way to dress up your feet while staying cool and barefoot…. Barefoot Sandals! And here’s how to Do It Yourself (DIY):



  1. You will need: clear bracelet elastic, variety of beads, scissors.

  3. Cut a length of clear bracelet elastic that wraps around the second toe and then wraps around the ankle.

    • Option A: String about 20-30 small beads in the middle of the elastic, until it wraps around your second toe then tie a loop knot above beads. See pic below on left
    •  Option B:  For sensitive toes, skip the beads and leave just the elastic.  Place middle of elastic around second toe and tie a loop knot just above first toe knuckle.  See pic below on right.


  5. barefoot3barefoot7Holding the two ends together, add beads to  your elastic either on both elastics or one on each elastic or a combo of both . Ie. on both then one on each then on both.

  7. Tie a loop knot when beads reach the top of your foot.

  9. barefoot4Pull two ends apart then bead one side till it reaches the back of your achilles. Tie knot to keep beads on.

  11. Bead the other end till it reaches the back of your achilles.  Tie knot to keep beads on.

  13. Tie a loop knot to keep both ends together.

  15. Repeat steps 2-6 for the other foot.

  17. Voila!  Glammed up feet



2 thoughts on “DIY Barefoot Sandals”

  1. I LOVED doing this craft! Here’s a tip: Use bigger beads if you don’t want it to take too long!

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