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by Kerry & Stacy of Socially Safe Social Media,

GGC Dec Digital Detox
It’s that time of year when the weather gets colder and the holidays begin. There is a problem with the holiday season today as opposed to the holidays when I was growing up. Today, you are always connected to the outside world and it is hard to untether yourself from life while you are on holidays.

It’s time to talk about a digital detox while on holidays this season. Instead of going digital-free cold turkey, it is important to set you and your family up for success.

I know that taking a digital vacation is easier said than done. Unless you plan to toss your device into the snow, you are still going to have a device people can contact you on. The trick is to plan accordingly. Try these tips so you’ll return back to school relaxed and refreshed and not in need of a vacation from your vacation.

Make the Detox Decision as a Family – Don’t spring a digital detox on your family; talk it out! The holiday season is about everyone, so make everyone feel included. Explain why a digital detox is a much needed part of the holidays. Let everyone have his or her say, then compromise. It doesn’t mean you have to leave all devices at home, but set limits on both the time and the place to spent in front of the screen.

Plan Group Activities – Whether you are headed to the ski hill, a tobogganing ride, or sitting by the fire, make a decision to be active. Get out and experience nature. Listen to the sounds, take in the smells and go for a walk. Whether you enjoy a walk in the snow, snowshoeing or visit a local site, you are guaranteed to have something exciting to talk about during dinner. Plus, an added benefit of physical exercise is a better night’s sleep

Still worried because you use your device to take family photos? Switch it into airplane mode so you won’t be interrupted by the constant ping of incoming mail or social media updates.
This holiday season, make the choice to do a digital detox and grab some screen-free time with your family. You may even learn a bit more about them.

Remember to have fun on and offline, be #sociallysafe and THINK before you post.


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  1. My family and I are all going to start this on Saturday Jan 24! We are all planning to use airplane mode on our phones, and check messages only at certain times. It’s a good start to the detoxing!
    Thank you GGC for the amazing idea!

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