Camp Experience by: Serena S.

summer campDear Diary: Here I am, nearly three years later, wishing that summer would come. And to think, I used to be afraid, of that one Sunday, where I go to camp.

Ryde Lake Camp is amazing. Living in cabins for a week, watching the stars while dancing, (or at least watching the dance) around the campfire. It’s a sleep-away camp, so you stay there for a whole week. And the best part–no boys!
At Ryde, I felt like I had fun. And that’s saying a lot, since the only person that I knew, (my sister,) ignored me completely!

The counsellors were amazing. Franny, knew each and every campers name. And Boots, (her camp name, I don’t know her real one) ran for mayor of Toronto. She lost, obviously, but still.

If I were to go on about Ryde, it would take forever. But know this, Ryde Lake Camp for Girls is an experience that I’d never give up.


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