Checking In… Should You Do It?

Checking In....Should you do it- GGC March blogby Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

Spring break is coming and many will be travelling with friends and family. You’ve had the discussion with your family/friends about whether you will publicly acknowledge your holiday plans before you head out of town, while away or will you wait until your arrival home before you post about your holiday. This is something to consider not only in March but anytime you are away from your home.

You’ve decided as a family and with those you are travelling with that you will not publically post about your holiday ~ we like that decision‚Ķ.wait until you get home. However, without even thinking about it you arrive at your location and the first thing you do is grab your phone and check-in to your hotel. Hmmm, have you ever stopped to think about what you are actually doing when you do that?

This is a great opportunity for you to start a discussion with your parents about what happens when they check-in on their Facebook accounts. Do they realize that when they check-in it sends out an alert to all their friends that they just checked-in at #SociallySafe Resort in Mexico… much for keeping it quiet about your holiday plans. Without even giving it a second thought or many times realizing what information you or they just put out publically we all tend to do this.

We encourage you before checking-in to really take time to think about what information you are publically putting out for all to see especially if you have not set your privacy settings and your accounts are public. Take time to do some research and understand what happens on each of the platforms before checking-in.

Not only can you check in on Facebook, majority of the social platforms allow you to check-in or tag your location in a post. So what happens when you check-in on Instagram, a popular app with the tweens/teens. If you have checked-in to a location below your user name in blue it will be the location of where you are.
What happens next? (For privacy we have blocked user name & faces of people in images)


Step 1~ click on the blue and a map will pop up to that location
Step 2 ~ click on the map and you will have the option to open in maps or cancel
Step 3 ~ if you decide to open in maps you get a very specific map to your location

So before checking into locations even the local coffee shop we really encourage to understand how checking in works on the different platforms and what personal information you are putting out for all to see. Similar situation happens on Twitter if you add your location to your tweet or check, a map to your location is provided.

Not only do we encourage you to turn your location settings off in your photos so a map is not embedded into the photo when shared on social platforms, we encourage you take a minute and #THINK before you check-in. As always we encourage you to be #SociallySafe.


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