Cheap Fashion Finds

Create your own style without blowing the budget

by: Kathy B.,

thriftshopLooking for cool and current fashion on the cheap? Find your local second hand store and you can create your own style for loonies instead of twenties. Instead of spending $30 to $60 for cut off shorts at the mall, you can buy a pair of already broken in old jeans for $10 and cut them to capri or shorts length for a fraction of the price. You can find tops that are new or gently used for $5 or less. Layer them, cut off the sleeves, or dye them new colours. Buy a $3 scarf and glue the fabric to a headband for a whole new look. Buy hats or belts for pocket change and “remodel them” with craft store bling.

Look at your favorite fashion sites and then let your imagination soar with ideas on how to “recreate the look” without recreating the price or better yet, find some unique pieces that no one else has and create your own look and wear it proudly.


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