Celtic Heart Knot

These string hearts make great Valentine’s Day gifts for your sisters, your friends, or that special someone. And once you get the hang of it, they are fast to make. Make matching hearts for your sisters or best friends, or give each sister/friend their favourite color. If you cut the leftover string shorter you can make key chains and keep longer for necklaces. This craft was inspired by a photo I spotted on Pinterest

You will need:

  • Two colours of thick string approx 3ft. (90cm) in length


  1. Align the two strings together.
  2. In the approximate middle of the strings, create a loop crossing the bottom over the top.

  3. Take the bottom string end (on the left side) and loop it back around then UNDER the bottom part of the right loop and then OVER the top part of the right loop to form a pretzel shape.

  4. Take the top string end (on the left side) and loop it back around and OVER the top part of the left loop and then UNDER the bottom part of the left loop.

  5. Still using the string end on the bottom left, come through the middle of the loop you just made by going OVER, then UNDER, then OVER.

  6. Gently tighten all the loops, untwisting as you go, so that it lays flat and looks like a heart.
  7. Cut the ends short and tie a knot at the top for a keychain. Leave the ends long for your sisters/friends to tie around their neck.

Write in the comments to tell us how yours turned out and who you gave yours too. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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