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backtodigitalby Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

Back To School, Back To Digital
The days are getting cooler, the evenings darker sooner, that only means one thing… it’s time to head back to school! Did you find that throughout the summer you were busy and not online as much, but as September draws near and you are getting excited to head back to school you are connecting with your friends again?

September is almost like the New Year, it’s a good time to review your accounts, double check your privacy settings are set high and that no app or platform changes have been made throughout the summer. If you’ve just gotten a new phone head over to the location settings and turn off the location on your photos so that when you post a photo, a map to your location will not be embedded into the photo. The other important responsible thing to do is to share your passwords to all your accounts with your parents, have a conversation with them about what platforms you are using, and discuss how you will handle a classroom social media accounts.

Every year we see more and more schools and teachers using social media to communicate with students and parents. As parents we love this! We enjoy seeing what you are doing throughout the day, getting classroom notes & reminders, and when you go a field trip we were unable to volunteer for we love seeing what you are doing and all the smiling faces.

But with all social media platforms there are things to consider before you jump in and start engaging and posting away. How do you handle it if your teacher has an account and wants all families and students to join so he/she can communicate? Do you have to set up an account? No you don’t… and under the child and protection law each platform does have age restrictions to protect children.

Before you log in and join twitter or whatever the social platform your school/teacher is asking you to join, you need to have an open conversation with your parents and teacher.

Some things to consider and discuss:
Does your school board have a social media policy? If you don’t know what it is… ask
Does your teacher/classroom have a social media policy? Will it be communicated for all to be aware of?
Does your teacher/school get student & parent permission before posting ‘tagging’ them?
What platforms will your classroom be using?
Are privacy settings set at a high level, using secure or verified accounts, or is it public for all to see?
Will your teacher post full face pictures of you and use your names online?
Does your teacher link the social platform to your classroom website or school website and put your timetable online?
Will your teacher be online in the evenings to help with homework if you need it?
Will your teacher follow students back and engage with them?
Does your teacher use it as a mix of both professional & personal information or is it strictly a classroom account?
As we’ve said before, we LOVE social media, we use it daily, we are on all the platforms and it’s a fantastic fun way to learn and grow, but as always we encourage you to be kind online, post positive, not to share personal information and to never meet anyone in person that you’ve met online, and to remember the #THINK Rule and to be #sociallysafe.

Comment below to ask Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe any Social Media related questions or to suggest topics you would like to learn about.


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