Arm Knitting Infinity Scarf

imageIt’s scarf weather again! I thought we could graduate from Straw Knitting, which was kind of like weaving, to a really cool knitting technique that is easier and faster than regular knitting and doesn’t require any tools other than your arms! Arm knitting is very hard to describe but easy to follow so I’m going to post The Crafty Gemini’s YouTube video that does an amazing job at showing the steps and describing exactly what you need and what to do.

Two things that made it easier for me was to:

  1. Remember to hold the “working yarn” with the hand that is doing the tightening.
  2. Try to keep your stitches in the same order and don’t get them crossed.

We were able to make ours in under half an hour using this video and I think they turned out amazing and warm! I used the yard The Crafty Gemini suggested (Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick) but the girls used Bernat Baby Blanket as they liked the colors and texture. Try looking for a kind that is washable and feels good to you.

How did your’s turn out? Comment and let us know or post pictures to instagram or Facebook with hashtag #GGCMagInfintyScarf. We’d love to see your creations.


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