A Season For Giving

by Amanda & Hailey

The month of December is full of opportunities for group gift giving. Instead of plain old pick a name games, we are here to suggest a few fun twists to make group gift giving more memorable. These ideas work best if you set some ground rules before you play, like price limits and allergy awareness.

1. Make, Bake, Buy
This game extends gift giving over the course of 3 days. Each person picks a name from a hat. On the first day, your secret recipient will receive a home made gift from you. On the second day, a home baked treat will delight your recipient. On the third day, you leave a store bought gift to unwrap.

2. My Favourite Things
In this version of gift giving you buy the same gift for each person in your group. The secret to this version of gift giving is thinking of the one item that you have or found this year that you loved the most, and buy that for all of your friends… buy one for you too if you don’t already have it 😉

3. The Grinch Game
This game is more successful if you have a large group of family or friends. Everyone in the game brings a generic wrapped gift and puts it in the middle of the guests. Draw numbers to see who goes first. The first person goes to the middle, chooses a gift and unwraps it. The second person can either choose to steal person #1s gift or go to the middle and pick a wrapped gift to unwrap. If you choose to “steal” a gift, the person you steal from gets to go to the middle and choose a new wrapped gift to unwrap. The third person can now choose to steal the gift from #1 or #2 or unwrap a wrapped gift from the middle. And so on until the last person gets a gift. Optionally you can set a limit on the number of times a gift can be “stolen” before its locked.

4. Charity Toy Game
This game works best when the group of people know each other very well. Each person picks a name from a hat and buys a new toy that represents or reminds them of the person they picked. This makes for a good laugh when you unwrap a gift that is supposed to represent you. Once everyone unwraps their gift and the laughs have all been had, the toys are then collected and donated to charity.

5. Themed Group Gifts
In this game you write down a number of themes. ie bedtime, spa day, desktop, beauty, study time etc. You will need one theme per person participating. Each person draws a theme out of the hat and must get a gift for each person in the group that falls within their chosen theme.

We hope you have fun this year with these new and different ways to give. And we all know that the best gifts come from the heart.


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