Dear Dr. Karen:
I have so many blackheads on my nose and have tried different things to get rid of them, but nothing seems to work. It’s like they don’t want to come out! I’ve tried clay masks, charcoal masks, exfoliating scrubs, lemon juice and sea salt, products that say pore cleansing. Nothing is working! I even wash my face every morning and night. How do I get rid of them?

Sincerely, Oi Vey, Mon nez

Dear Oi Vey, Mon nez
Blackheads can be tough to eliminate: especially on the nose where the pores are larger. I suggest you try an acne product with “salicylic acid” in 1-2% concentration. This is a beta-hydroxy acid, which loves sebum (oil). There are many available without prescription at your drug store. Salicylic acid should gradually loosen the blackheads; continued use may decrease formation of new blackheads.

If this approach doesn’t work after 8 weeks use, I would suggest you see your family doctor for prescription acne medication for blackheads.

Dr. Karen