Dear Dr. Karen:
What is the best cleanser to put on your face as a tween?

Sincerely, GlitterCritters360

Hi GlitterCritters360
The type of cleanser you use depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, and possible early signs of acne, a cleanser with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), or BHA (salicylic acid), or benzoyl peroxide is suggested. If you have normal skin, then a gentle soap and water routine (eg. Dove) is fine. If you have dry skin (usually seen in people with eczema, or psoriasis), then you may prefer a detergent free cleanser such as Cetaphil.

Wash your face gently morning and night; also after sports that make you sweat/greasy. And don’t go to bed with makeup on!

Dr. Karen