11 Savvy Scarf Styles

scarvesIt’s fall and the weather is getting chilly and you know what that means? Scarves!! I love scarves as they are a great way to accent a outfit and stay warm. Recently I have been seeing all these different ways to wear scarves, which made me really happy because now you can make it your own!

Check out Wendy Nguyen’s video showing 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

Did you love it? I bet you saw a few you loved. Here are 10 how-to tutorials showing MY favourites that you may not have been able to follow from the video, care of Wendy’s Look Book

The Bunny Ears

The Mira Roll

The Celebrity

The Waterfall

The Boa

The Magic Trick

The Fake Knot

The X

The Braid

The Twist & Pull

If you are looking for more inspirations please see Scarves Dot Net’s “The Knot List”.

And because November is the 11th month, here is the 11th tutorial. This Fancy Braid is one of my favs from Scarves Dot Net’s list.

Fancy Braid

So now you can wear the same scarf in many different ways to match your outfit or your mood. Speaking of scarves, if you would like to know how to “knit” your own scarf, check out this month’s Craft Club DYI Straw Kitted Scarfs.

Happy Scarf Season!


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